Visit to Angels Costumiers to the Theatre,Film and TV + St Albans
In Chiswick House Gardens
A copy of the Queen's Coronation dress, used for various productions.The hiring charge is very high because of the cost of its creation and maintenance.  Everything comes back for cleaning and any repair.
Some of the Group at Chiswick
Angels -showing a very small fraction of the luggage of every period
Visit to Angels Costumes, Hendon and St Albans 18 September 2019

First we were taken to a small exhibition of very recognizable  costumes before going to the vast store of clothing , shoes, hats, uniforms badges buttons, luggage , bags  and anything else which might be required for period productions - most bought originally from 1860 onwards. The amazement was general amongst us seeing how far accuracy is taken; for example, they have buttons , appropriate to any army, naval or air force clothing  in case, close up, someone might spot a discrepancy.
We were not allowed to take photos of the main stock except from overhead balcony. The Company have often signed a non disclosure agreements with their clients., Any photos taken are from approved areas only
In the afternoon, we went to St Albans to see the Cathedral or did shopping.
Angels -showing a very small fraction of the luggage of every period. Partial row of Army uniforms above 
Listening to Angela in Exhibition Area
Listening to Angela in Exhibition Area

This warning 'Commit no Nuisance' was on  this low doorway and its message amused me. It appeared to be an old tower at the end of one of the pedestrianized streets behind the museum. Hopefully we all obeyed the instruction! 
Lesley Reynolds