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A Panel done by Children for the Millenium
The Foreign Office in Millenium Year
 Dunbar Court                                                                                            Les?
That's us, piling in to Conference Room
The Elegant Staircase 
Locarno Room. All of us taking a rest
Up River Thames towards Hampton Court                                                     David Morton
In Millenium year many of the major  State Offices in London  were open, on application, to Groups.

We were lucky enough to get invitations and we went to Foreign Office, Treasury, Speaker's House and what was then, the Chancellor's office.
Of them all, the Foreign Office (paid for by the East Indian Co) and the Chancellor's Office were by far the most ornate. The Speaker's House overhangs the Thames and must be the most desirable house in UK>
All photos were taken by Les W
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